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Identification Card Care and Protection

As identification cards and ID readers become more sophisticated, it’s important that you use common sense when it comes to protecting your cards. Most of today’s high-tech, electronic versions of the traditional personal identification card (driver’s license, work badge, etc.) include not only a photo, but also a magnetic stripe and/or a smart card chip. […]

A Quick Q&A on Identification Badge Ordering

With the need for heightened security at many business locations and special events, I often get questions about identification badges and how to produce them using the latest plastic card printing techniques. With that in mind, I have put together this Q&A list that you can refer to when ordering personalized name badges of any sort. What’s […]

The Five Best Ways to Improve Plastic Card Security

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft and other scams cost Americans $1.52 billion in 2011. The agency states that identity theft has remained its no. 1 complaint for the past five years. For those who issue credit cards, ID cards and other types of plastic card products, this issue is top of […]

Contact vs. Contactless Smart Cards: Which Is Better?

Although smart cards are technological wonders that represent the next generation of magnetic stripe plastic cards, they may or may not be right for your business. Before you make the leap from traditional mag stripe cards to smart cards, you should ask yourself some questions. Then, if you’re ready to move forward with this investment […]

Get Smart About Smart Card Technology

Mass Transit RFID Contactless Smart Card

Everything is “smart” nowadays, right? You’ve got smartphones seemingly in everyone’s hands, SMART Boards in schools, and a growing number of those, ah, unique-looking smart cars on the road. In the plastic cards industry, we’re keeping pace with our (you guessed it!) smart cards. Used most often as identification cards for employees and contractors, smart cards […]

Full Face Foil Cards

Plastek Cards announces a new product and cost efficient. Having a background with full faced foiling gives your card a holographic shine that makes your card unique and eye catching. Not only does your card have a background that shines, it also has a reflective foil appearance, when you turn the card you can see […]

Smart Card Technology – Saving on Smart Cards

Plastek Cards announces a new RFID card product we now carry for the Smart Card Industry and the Plastic Card Industry. A new type of the M1(S50) Generic RFID card which is comparable but more stabe than the Philips brand. There is a minimal amount of difference between the two cards, but a substantial difference […]

Contact and Contactless PVC Smart Cards

A smart card is a device that has an embedded integrated circuit chip or better known as an ICC chip. The chip can be either a secure microcontroller, internal memory or a memory chip alone. Contact cars or contactless cards are the two general categories for smart card technology. With a contact smart card the […]

Using Key Access Cards To Make Your Business Run More Smoothly

Many modern-day businesses are making the switch from using standard metal keys to manage access in and out of their buildings and switching over to plastic key cards. Making the transition to key cards is a smart move for business owners, as it allows them to not only protect their bottom line through greater security, […]

How to Use Keychain Loyalty Cards To Encourage Repeat Business

The cost of acquiring new customers is one of the most expensive things that businesses have to deal with. Getting the word out and sealing the deal on that first sale can cut into profit margins, so savvy businesses focus on compelling strategies to turn customers into repeat buyers. While there are many tools you […]

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