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Four Promotional Items to Draw a Crowd at Your Next Trade Show

mustache card

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, people in the US own nearly ten promotional products each, on average, keeping them for just under seven months. Many of these are giveaways from trade shows, where promotional items are ubiquitous and drawing a crowd with a fresh gift idea can make the difference between getting noticed or […]

Customer Loyalty: Is Your Brand Sticky?

Loyalty Program Card

Did you know that 36% of Americans participate in loyalty programs, and that loyalty program membership is growing at a rate of 26.7% according to Colloquy, a loyalty information service? As you’re reading this, chances are you have more than a couple loyalty cards in your wallet or attached to your phone number. Here’s a […]

Why Combo Plastic Cards Are Good For Business

As a small business owner, you know that steady, repeat customers are the key to any successful business. Without them, it’s nearly impossible for any business to stay afloat. Your goal is to attract new customers but also cater to those who return for merchandise or service again and again. Combination plastic cards that function […]

Must-have Features on Plastic Loyalty Cards? It Depends.

So, you’ve decided plastic card printing is the way to go with your customer reward or loyalty program. You’ve carefully planned how your rewards program will work, and you’ve incorporated some features that will help your business stand out. In this fourth and final post in my loyalty card series, I’m going to address a question […]

Five Great Ways to Differentiate a Loyalty Card Program

A good customer rewards program should be unique to your business and to the kind of customers you want to attract. When you’re planning your program (CRMTrends offers a great step-by-step guide), it’s important to remember that loyalty and rewards are not the same thing. Rewards don’t necessarily translate into loyalty – that sweet spot […]

Creating the Right Loyalty Program for Your Business

In my last post, I talked about some good reasons (at least, I think they’re good!) why plastic cards should still be part of your customer rewards program. This week, I want to take things farther by encouraging you to consider what type of customer rewards program might work best for your business. The Difference Between […]

Why Plastic Cards Should Still Be Part of Your Rewards Program

Customer rewards and loyalty programs are definitely big. Lots of businesses offer them with varying degrees of success. According to SmartMoney’s Annamaria Andriotis and her article, 6 Reward Programs Worth Your Loyalty, American households participate in 18 rewards programs on average, and U.S. consumers hold about 2.1 billion memberships, up 60% between 2007 and 2011. […]

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