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What’s the Difference Between Foil Stamping and Embossing on Plastic Cards?

We’ve all been there. You search online for a product and land on one website that looks fresh, modern and professional, and another that looks like it’s from 1991. If you’re like me, you’re drawn to the fresh, modern and professional website and will most likely dismiss the other company. Just like websites, a gift […]

Generate New Business All Year With Gift Cards

While Christmas is undoubtedly the time of year when gift cards are exchanged fast and furiously, don’t think they aren’t popular other times of the year. Printing plastic cards for a gift card campaign can boost opportunities for repeat business, and potentially lead to additional loyal customers. Promoting gift cards for products or services can […]

How Larger Businesses Can Save Big on Plastic Cards

We’re well into the first quarter of 2013, and in my recent blog posts, I’ve been talking about the advantages of plastic card printing – including gift cards, membership cards, etc. – at this time of year, when printers are historically slow. Chances are you’ve got your 2013 business plan set; hopefully it includes printing sooner […]

3 Insights to Save You Time & Money on Plastic Cards

Every business has its cycle. In the plastic card printing industry, we peak in the fourth quarter of the year as we push through a vast number of gift card orders and then draw a deep breath as things quiet down in the first quarter. This is something we expect and something we plan for. […]

With Plastic Card Printing, How Fast Is Fast?

When a customer places an order for plastic cards, they usually want to know what the “normal” turnaround time will be. In the plastic card printing business, normal is a relative term because it depends on several things: * Quantity, specifically orders of 100,000 cards or more * Card features, such as embossing and personalization (mag […]

Best Graphics Program for Designing Plastic Cards

I often get questions about artwork requirements for our plastic card printing services. Experienced graphic designers usually know this stuff, but some business owners and marketers like to dabble in design. Under those circumstances, customers frequently ask, “Which graphic design program should I use?” Here’s my first tip: I suggest not using CorelDRAW. Some of […]

Help Your Graphic Designer Create Amazing Plastic Cards

So, this is your first foray into plastic card printing as a business owner or marketing coordinator, and you want the cards to look spectacular. Naturally, you’re going to work with the best graphic designer, who is probably very savvy when it comes to printing do’s and don’t. But if you or, by chance, your […]

Yes, You Can Get Multiple Plastic Card Designs on One Order

If you have a display rack for your gift cards or loyalty cards in your store, it’s nice when your customers can see a variety of card designs and pick the one they think is most eye-catching. It gives them a memorable, visual connection with your brand. Group Multiple Plastic Card Designs to Hit Price […]

How to Choose the Right Plastic Card for Your Business

First-time buyers of plastic cards often have a lot of questions, and that’s totally understandable. There are many, many options to consider with plastic card printing. How should the cards be designed? What’s the best way to track user data? Are security features really necessary? Those are the kinds of things my new clients want […]

ID Card Printing Tips for Custom Blank Cards

Even though Plastek Cards offers full-service plastic card printing, we frequently get calls from people who want to buy blank cards for use with table-top machines, often because they want to print ID cards. If this is something you’re considering, here are few pointers for making the entire process easy. Choose Your ID Card Printer […]

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